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Mixed Marriages in Canada Show Rise for Jewish Men; Decline for Girls

A record annual total of 315 Canadian Jews were involved in mixed marriages during 1965, an increase of 29 over 1964, according to the Canadian Dominion Bureau of Statistics.

Outside of Israel, Canada is the only country in the world which makes available specific Jewish demographic statistics gathered by government agencies. The data for 1965 also showed that all Jewish weddings also set a record of 1,450,88 more than in 1964.

For the year there were 1,655 Jewish grooms of whom 205 married non-Jewish girls, a percentage of about 12.4. There was in 1965, a total of 1,650 Jewish brides of whom 110 married non-Jewish men, or a percentage of seven, the only figure in the Jewish marriage data showing a drop. In 1963 about eight percent of Jewish brides married non-Jews.