Communists in Israel Criticize Kosygin’s Anti-israel Speech
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Communists in Israel Criticize Kosygin’s Anti-israel Speech

Kol Haam, the daily newspaper of the Israel Communist Party, sharply criticized the Soviet Union and Premier Alexei Kosygin today regarding the USSR’s policy concerning the Middle East crisis. The newspaper declared that Mr. Kosygin’s address to the United Nations General Assembly last Monday was not of help toward peace in this area “but had precisely the contrary effect.”

The newspaper called on all “Socialist countries” not to follow the USSR’s lead on the Israeli-Arab issue, but to work actively in the United Nations and elsewhere for the encouragement of direct Israeli-Arab negotiations toward the “conclusion of a lasting peace” between Israel and the Arab states.

Moshe Sneh, leader of the Israel Communist Party–which is the majority faction among Israeli communists, as against a pro-Arab minority–took Mr. Kosygin to task last night in a speech at Haifa. Mr. Sneh castigated Mr. Kosygin for his equation of Israel with Hitler Germany, saying that such tall was “atrocity propaganda that has gone beyond all limits.” No one in Israel is fighting the USSR more vigorously on this issue, he said, than the Israel Communist Party.

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