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Advise Synagogues Not to Sell High Holy Day Seats to Non-members

The newly-formed Synagogue Council of Greater San Francisco has urged member congregations to refuse seats to non-members for High Holy Day service.

The recommendation was sent to the boards of the 16 Reform, Conservative and Orthodox synagogues in San Francisco, Daly City and Marin County for action. Some of the affiliated congregations already follow this policy. The general procedure among American congregations is to give priority to members and sell any remaining seats to non-members.

The recommendation declared that the perpetuation of Judaism “in no small measure depends upon dedicated Jews who, by annual membership, support their synagogues” and it urged unaffiliated Jews to “rise to their responsibilities” by joining. The resolution added that member congregations should approve a policy that “commencing immediately, High Holy Days seats shall be made available only to dues-paid members of the respective synagogues.”