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Czech Communist Author Disagrees with Prague’s Pro-arab Policy; Goes to Israel

Ladislav Mnacko, one of Czechoslovakia’s leading writers and a member of the Communist Party, stopped here on his way to Israel. He said he is writing a book to counter the Government-controlled press in his country which he termed “completely one-sided” in its pro-Arab and anti-Israel stand.

Mr. Mnacko, who is not a Jew, has been twice declared in his home country as the nation’s outstanding writer, and is a winner of the state’s highest award, the Klement Gottwald Prize. When he arrived here, he distributed a letter to representatives of the Western press, clearly defying the foreign and domestic policies, including censorship, as practiced by the Czechoslovakian Government. In the letter, he asserted that he plans to return to Czechoslovakia after visiting Israel, to complete the writing of his book about Israeli-Arab issues.