Anti-israel Propaganda Distributed at Mit Arab Student Convention
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Anti-israel Propaganda Distributed at Mit Arab Student Convention

Israel was accused of murder, segregation, land-stealing and militarism in literature distributed at the 16th annual conference of the Arab Students Association held here at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The four day gathering of Arab students from American universities was attended by some 300 delegates. The anti-Israel propaganda emanated from a New York organization, “Federated Americans Against Israeli Racism.”(“FAIR”).

The propaganda in the form of a small hate-sheet, also boasted that the Students Non-Violent Coordinating Committee had announced “support for justice for the Arab peoples.” and added that “as usual, Jewish politicians slander ‘Snick’ for its forthright stand for equal human rights.”

The conference received a message from the Israeli Students Organization of the United States and Canada calling upon the Arab students to work for “constructive proposals for the mutual betterment of all people in our region,” a proposal the delegates apparently ignored.

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