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Eban Complains of Israeli Misquotation Regarding Borders; Interview Broadcast in New York

Foreign Minister Abba Eban today corrected a misquotation of a statement he made in a pre-taped television interview in New York, and protested angrily to the chairman of the Knesset Foreign and Security Committee for allowing that misquotation to be the basis of a political question raised at a session of the Knesset last week without consulting him as to its correctness.

In a cable from New York, Mr. Eban gave the correct quote as follows: “In the course of peace negotiations we will make our proposals about where the boundaries will be.” It had been charged here that the Foreign Minister told the interviewer that the present cease-fire lines must not be the final boundaries “or else there would be nothing to negotiate about.”

(Mr. Eban’s pre-taped interview was included in New York, late Sunday night, on a local television broadcast, on Channel 5. Mr. Eban also delivered a major address Sunday night at Princeton, N.J.)