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Canadian University Dismisses Lecturer Who Propagandized for Arabs Against Israel

Waterloo Lutheran University at Kitchener has informed Dr. George Haggar, an instructor in political philosophy who has consistently propagandized the Arab position and attacked Israel, that his teaching contract will not be renewed in May. The reason given for the notice was that Haggar “is not in agreement with what we stand for and what we are doing.”

Haggar, a native of Lebanon who immigrated into Canada at the age of 17, charged that his dismissal was a violation of academic freedom. He said he had filed a complaint with the Canadian Association of University Teachers. The student council at the institution called for a one day boycott of classes in protest against the dismissal of Haggar and of a graduate student who is a part-time psychology instructor and has vigorously opposed the Vietnam war.

Haggar is president of the Canadian Arab community organization, which has about 3,000 members. He was the main speaker last May at a “Palestine Day” meeting in Toronto and has attacked Israel as “racist, imperialist and fascist.” He has also attacked the Vietnam policies of Canada and the United States.