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President Tells Israel, Arabs, They Have Responsibility for Making Stable Peace

President Johnson told Israel and the Arab states last night that they themselves had the responsibility for finding the basis for a stable peace in the Middle East. He admonished them to cooperate with Ambassador Gunnar V. Jarring, the United Nations special representative in the Middle East. The President, in his State of the Union message, promised that the United States would do all in its power to help achieve a stable peace in the area.

“During the Arab-Israeli war last June,” Mr. Johnson said, “the hot line between Washington and Moscow was used for the first time in our history. A cease-fire was achieved without a major power confrontation.

“Now the nations of the Middle East have the opportunity to cooperate with Ambassador Jarring’s U.N. mission – and they have the responsibility to find the terms of living together in stable peace and dignity, and we shall do all in our power to help them achieve that result.”