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Argentine Jewish Leader Reports Abatement of Arab-jewish Tension There

The Arab community in Argentina has been unresponsive to attempts by Arab League propaganda agents to incite hostility toward Argentine Jews, according to Dr. Isaac Goldenberg, president of the Delegacion de Associaciones Israelitas Argentina (DAIA), the central representative body of Argentine Jewry.

Dr. Goldenberg, who stopped over here on his way home from Europe and Israel, told officers of the World Jewish Congress that “the tension between the Jewish and Arab communities of Argentina last summer during and immediately after the Arab-Israel war, has now subsided and there are many indications of rapprochement between the two communities.” He said Arab League agents in Argentina have enlisted the support of extreme right wing anti-Semitic groups and of the Argentine Communist Party which is strongly Stalinist. “But the overwhelming majority of the Arab community has proved unresponsive to this incitement.” At private and public meeting of Jews and Arabs, Dr. Goldenberg said, “there has been acknowledgement of a common interest in aiding the achievement of a just and durable peace in the Middle East.”