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Rabin, Pessimistic on Peace Prospects, Says Israel Will Talk on All Issues but Jerusalem

Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin of Israel told the national board of directors of the Synagogue Council of America that he was not overly optimistic about prospects of peace in the Middle East in the near future, but said “I am fully confident of Israel’s ability to survive and to develop even without peace, if so it must be.” The envoy told the group, in a statement made public today, that “the former armistice agreements are dead, once and for all.” He said that “we live under the cease-fire regime and only according to it. We shall not return to any armistice regime.”

In an explanation of Israel’s policies, the former Chief of Staff told the Synagogue Council board that Israel was prepared to discuss “every outstanding problem” with the Arabs, commenting that “we don’t say that we are going to stay where we are today.” He stressed however, that “there is one subject we are not prepared to argue about – and that is Jerusalem.”