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Israel Investigating Funds Smuggled from Amman to Subsidize Arab Opposition

Defense Minister Moshe Dayan disclosed in the Knesset (Parliament) yesterday that Israeli authorities are investigating the source, amount and use of funds being smuggled from Amman to former Jordanian Government officials on the West Bank to subsidize opposition to Israel. Gen. Dayan said there was no indication that a stoppage of the funds would make the West Bank Arabs less loyal to King Hussein.

Meanwhile, all former Jordanian civil servants on the West Bank, numbering about 12,000, have reportedly been ordered by Amman to stop working for Israelis. The order is said to affect teachers, doctors and nurses paid by both Israel and Jordan. King Hussein has issued a royal decree forbidding any form of Arab cooperation with Israeli authorities. This has resulted in the suspension of practice by four of the six West Bank lawyers who refused to join the general strike of Arab lawyers on the West Bank which began shortly after last June’s Six-Day War. But Arab magistrates and public prosecutors appointed by the military government to deal with civil matters have not stopped work.