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Israeli Army Headquarters Announces Appointments in High Military Posts

The Israeli Army headquarters announced a number of changes of appointments for its higher command officers effective today. Brig. Gen. Rehavam Zeevi will take over the central command from Brig. Gen. Uzzi Narkis, who headed the operation against Jordan in the Six-Day War, including the capture of Old Jerusalem. Gen. Zeevi until now has been assistant chief of the general headquarters department. Gen. Narkis has been named general director of the aliyah (immigration) department of the Jewish Agency. Col. Itzhak Hoffie will take over Gen. Zeevi’s post as assistant chief of the general headquarters department.

Lithuanian-born Col. Itzhak Arad, who was a partisan in World War II and joined the Palmach, the Haganah’s special striking force, after coming to Israel, was appointed Army chief education officer, replacing Col. Mordechai Bar-On, who will head the youth and halutz department of the Jewish Agency. Jerusalem-born Brig-Gen. Amos Vorev, former Army deputy chief scientist, has been appointed head of ordnance development at general headquarters, replacing Brig. Gen. Mathetyagu Pelled. Gen. Pelled will continue his higher studies and eventually join the academic staff at Tel Aviv University. Brig. Gen. Elad Pelled, who headed the division which took the Golan Heights during the Six-Day War, ended his active service in the Army and assumed the post of deputy head of the Israeli Electric Corp.