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2 Former Nazis Indicted on Charges of Murdering Jews, Russians During War

Two former Nazis have been indicted on charges of having murdered Jews and Russians during World War II. The state prosecutor in Munich is basing its cases against Dr. Kurt Christman and Franz Karmasin on the testimony of witnesses and on documents. It is still investigating the wartime activities of the two. Both were leaders of the Einsatzkommando group 10-A, involved in tracking down and killing partisans. They are charged with killing Jewish partisans and Soviet commissars in Russia between 1942-43. In addition, Mr. Karmasin is charged with complicity in the deaths of some 70,000 Slovakian Jews between 1942-45 when he was State Secretary for German Affairs in Slovakia and a leader of the German Party there. Mr. Karmasin was described by the prosecutor as a “desk criminal” like Adolf Eichmann.