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Knesset Approves Government’s Middle East Policies. Kremlin Urged to Promote Peace

The Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, overwhelmingly approved the Government peace policies yesterday after a lengthy political debate in which all shades of opinion were expressed on the future of the occupied Arab territories and peace negotiations with the Arabs. Prime Minister Levi Eshkol addressed the chamber afterwards and appealed to the Soviet Union to use its influence to achieve a real peace in the Middle East. He warned Israel’s neighbors against “further adventures.”

It was learned today that two pages of a Knesset speech by Uri Avneri, of the Haolam Hazeh faction, was deleted from the record for security reasons. The deletion was ordered by Knesset speaker Kaddish Luz who said publication would endanger state security. What was published of Mr. Avneri’s speech indicated that he had referred to “an arrangement suggested by the Arabs to which the Israel Cabinet did not agree.” Mr. Eshkol said later that “a certain party” once told Israel he was ready to negotiate for peace alone but after the Cabinet indicated its satisfaction and waited two weeks for further word, the “party cooled off.”