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Argentine Schools, Being Converted to All-day Programs, Drop Yiddish Teaching

Teaching of Yiddish in the Jewish schools of Argentina is facing a crisis as a result of the need to convert the Jewish schools here into full-day schools with both the official Argentine school curriculum and the Jewish educational program. Because of the time pressure created by the need to include Spanish language programs, many Jewish schools must decide whether to teach Hebrew or Yiddish. As of today, 14 Jewish schools which are converting from part-time to full day operations have decided to teach Hebrew and give up Yiddish. Yiddish teachers are being left Jobless. The crisis in the Jewish schools is a result of a change in Government educational policy. Public schools will no longer operate part-time, leaving the pupils free to attend religious schools for the rest of the school day, but will operate on a full-time basis. The Jewish schools, consequently have to go on a full-time basis and incorporate the public school curriculum, Integrating it with Jewish studies.