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British Wj Congress Section Launches Global Drive on Behalf of Jews in Arab Nations

The British section of the World Jewish Congress, joined by other Jewish bodies, has launched an international campaign to arouse world opinion on behalf of Jews imprisoned, harassed or on trial for their lives in various Arab countries. A pamphlet has already been distributed likening the persecution of Jews in some Arab states to Jewish suffering under Hitler.

The WJ Congress noted that 18 months after the June, 1967 war, hundreds of Jews are still detained in Egyptian prisons and concentration camps without formal charges having been brought against them They have been denied access to legal assistance and many have been subjected to cruel indignities by their jailers, the WJ Congress said. In Iraq, several Jews have been sentenced to death for alleged espionage for Israel. The pamphlet contains a memorandum addressed to United Nations Secretary General U Than by Roger N. Baldwin, honorary president of the International League for the Rights of Man, urging the intervention of the international community on behalf of Jews in Arab countries.