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Jewish Agency Official Says U.s., Britain, Canada Will Send 8,500 Immigrants

An official of the Jewish Agency’s immigration department predicted yesterday that the United States, Canada and Great Britain would account for some 8,500 new immigrants to Israel in 1969, half again as many as they sent last year. According to Yehuda Dominitz, the total immigration would be at least 35,000 and perhaps higher. He said the Latin American countries would provide about 1,500 persons, South Africa not more than 500-600, and some 2,000 would come from the Scandinavian and Benelux countries. He noted that Australia sends a steady 100-200 families to Israel every year.

The forecast was made at a conference of Jewish Agency emissaries in charge of various regions to acquaint them with new developments in Israel and the division of functions between the Agency’s immigration department and the new Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. Emissaries were advised to tell new immigrants to settle on their own if they possess the necessary means.