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H. Leivick’s Widow Refuses Warsaw State Theater Permission to Perform ‘golem’

The widow of a Yiddish playwright and poet has refused permission to the Yiddish State Theater of Warsaw to perform a work of her late husband’s because of “the insults that the Jews must endure at the hands of the Polish Government.” The Yiddish State Theater is sponsored by the Warsaw Government. Until last year it was headed by Mrs. Ida Kaminska who left Poland because of the official anti-Jewish campaign. Mrs. Sarah Leivick Silverberg, widow of the late H. Leivick, said she had received a request from Michael Rushinek, theater managing director, for permission to perform “The Golem” and an offer of payment. She said she replied to Mr. Rushinek, “I cannot give permission to produce a play which was created by one for whom Jewish life is sacred.”