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West German Trade Union Leaders Demand Abolition of Statute of Limitations

Demands for the abolition of the statute of limitations on Nazi war crimes prosecutions were voiced by West German trade union leaders in speeches on May Day. The Cabinet has decided to press for legislation to abolish the statute which is supposed to go into effect next Dec. 31. Many speakers criticized the Government for not seeking a Constitutional ban on the ultra right-wing National Democratic Party (NPD).

A local leader of the NPD who quit the party charging it with adopting “dictatorial methods,” says that it poses no danger to West Germany “because the NPD is destroying itself.” Heinz Biemann, of Kiel, who was NPD area manager for the State of Schleswig-Holstein, quit because he could “no longer associate with people who treat their members as stupid and useless idiots and handle anything their chairman does not like in a dictatorial manner under the table.”