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Italian Communist Party is Financing Arab Students’ Pro-terrorist Demonstrations

The Italian Communist Party is financing a group of Arab students, estimated to number about 150, in arranging demonstrations of solidarity with the Arab terrorists in university cities throughout the country. The most recent demonstration was held at the University of Siena where the itinerant Arab students organized a public meeting in the streets of the town to show solidarity with “the freedom fighters.” Israeli students at the university circulated among the spectators, passing out leaflets giving information on the situation in Israel and the occupied territories. The two groups came face to face on the steps of the town hall and engaged in heated argument but there was no clashes. Observers here warned today that the buildup being given to the Arab terrorists and guerrillas was making an impact on the Italian public to whom they were being depicted as “freedom fighters” comparable to the anti-Nazi underground of World War II and the Algerians fighting against the French for independence.