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Technicians Seat Hole in Oil Pipeline Damaged by Saboteurs, Will Treat Sea of Galilee

Israeli technicians have sealed a hole in an oil pipe blown up by saboteurs last Friday in the Golan Heights. Concrete was used to prevent further seepage of oil into the Sea of Galilee. Two concrete blocks were installed at both ends of the damaged pipeline. Israeli sources said earlier the pipeline would not be repaired until its owner, the Arabian-American Oil Co. (Aramco) guarantees protection against future sabotage. The Israeli Government, the sources said, may ask for increased security for the pipeline and financial arrangements to protect its territory from pollution resulting from sabotage.

Permission was given yesterday to settlements in the Huleh Valley to resume the pumping of waters from the Jordan River after it has been cleared of oil. Only small quantities of oil could be detected in the water of the river. A part of the Sea of Galilee was covered by a huge oil layer. The oil has had no impact on fish, Israeli sources said, but fishermen were instructed not to fish in the northern region of the lake until the oil is cleared chemically. Five square miles of the 64-square-mile lake were covered.