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Israeli and Egyptian Artillery in Hot Exchange over Weekend; Sniper Kills Jew

An Israel-Egyptian gun duel raged for eight hours across the Suez Canal Saturday night and Sunday morning. It was the second consecutive night of shooting along the 102-mile waterway. The opposing forces battled for seven hours Friday night and Saturday morning. There were no reports of casualties on the Israeli side during the barrage, but a 19-year-old Israeli soldier was reportedly killed by an Egyptian sniper yesterday.

An Israeli spokesman said Israeli troops and Arab guerrillas fought a mortar battle across the Lebanese border late Saturday without casualties. But an Israeli soldier was reported killed and two others seriously wounded in an Arab ambush near El Hamma on the south shore of the Sea of Galilee. Saboteurs damaged a water pumping station near Kissufim in the eastern end of the Gaza Strip last night and damaged a water pipeline near Nahal Oz. The main railway line south of Gaza was damaged by an explosion today.