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Dayan Declares That Israel Regards Jordan River As Its Eastern Security Border

Defense Minister Moshe Dayan declared yesterday that “Israel regards the River Jordan as her eastern security border, the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip will remain in Israeli hands” and Israel will “protect its shipping in the Straits of Tiran” which “will be connected to Israel by a territorial continuity.”

Gen. Dayan addressed the political committee of the Labor Party-Mapam alignment which is drafting the security plank of the party’s platform for the Oct. 28 Knesset elections. The committee is headed by Premier Golda Meir.

The Defense Minister proposed that the platform state that “Israel would base peace agreements on secure borders and will see to it that they are recognized and agreed to by its neighbors.” Mapam, which usually takes a softer line on Israeli peace terms, raised no objections to Gen. Dayan’s proposals. It did object however to certain proposals concerning future policy in the occupied Arab territories. A special committee was appointed to deal with that question and submit its recommendations at the Labor Party national convention Aug. 3.