Ngo Conclave Attended by Jewish Groups Vows to Protect Status at UN
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Ngo Conclave Attended by Jewish Groups Vows to Protect Status at UN

A conference here of 90 non-governmental organizations that enjoy consultative status within the United Nations Economic and Social Council agreed today to give special attention to protecting the status and dignity of such organizations.

The matter was brought up in light of Soviet-Arab attempts to deprive certain Jewish organizations of their status at a meeting of ECOSOC last month. The attempts were partially successful. The UN body agreed that the Coordinating Board of Jewish Organizations should continue to enjoy consultative status “until its future relationship with the Council was finally determined.” That qualification placed to some doubt the future status of the Coordinating Board which represents the B’nai B’rith and the boards of Jewish deputies of Great Britain and South Africa. Consultative status allows non-governmental bodies to speak before ECOSOC though not to vote.

Jewish organizations attending the conference here are the World Jewish Congress, represented by Dr. Gerhardt Riegner and Dr. Maurice L. Perlzweig; the Coordinating Board of Jewish Organizations, represented by H. Edelsberg, Dr. G. Warburg and A.J. Marks; the Consultative Council of Jewish Organizations represented by Mrs. G. Cairncross and G. Brunschvig and the International Council of Jewish Women represented by Mrs. M. Warburg and Mrs. K. Levy. Dr. Riegner was named chairman of the resolutions committee, and Dr. Perlzweig was appointed to the drafting committee.

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