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Polls Give German National Democrats Only 1.9% of Vote As Campaign Gets Under Way

The ultra right-wing National Democratic Party (NPD) opened its election campaign in West Germany today. But the party is heavily in debt, is boycotted by most advertising media and its chances to win seats in the next Bundestag are not as good as some political observers believe, the London Times said today. A minimum of five percent of the vote is required to enter the Bundestag, West Germany’s lower house. But the latest public opinion poll gave the reputedly neo-Nazi NPD only 1.9 percent, although 23 percent of the electorate is still “undecided” the Times reported. Party chief Adolf von Thadden is beginning his whistle-stop tour of Germany in a bullet-proof car. The NPD is acutely short of funds, according to the Times. But is must put up bonds of up to $125,000 as insurance against damage before it can rent meeting halls for election rallies. In addition, the principal German newspapers and magazines have refused to accept the party’s campaign advertisements, the Times said.