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Nazis Hold ‘congress’ in Virginia, Claim 127 Delegates from 28 States and Canada

Assorted home-grown Nazis gathered at Arlington, Va. this week for what they called the first “North American Congress of the World Union of National Socialists.” According to a press release from the group, the event was attended by 127 delegates from 28 states and Canadian provinces.

In a policy statement, the Nazis pledged the “spiritual and political unification of North America from the Arctic to the Rio Grande in a National Socialist New Order to serve as a base for the construction of a greater Aryan community throughout the world.” Delegates commemorated the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Nazi Party by Hitler and viewed German Nazi films. They were addressed by Matt Koehl, “commander” of the “World Union” of Nazis; John Beattie, leader of the Canadian Nazi Party; and Robert Lloyd, executive officer of the National Socialist White Peoples Party.