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Dayan Warns That Israelis Will Strike into Lebanon if Guerrillas Hit Israel

Defense Minister Moshe Dayan warned yesterday that Israeli forces will strike across Lebanon’s borders if guerrilla bands attack Israel from Lebanese soil. Gen. Dayan delivered his remarks to a group of 50 American investors visiting Kfar Ruppin, a Besian Valley settlement that has come under almost daily attack from Jordan. He said that while Israel has a cease-fire accord with its northern neighbor, it will hit back if the agreement is violated, regardless of any arrangements that may have been made between authorities in Beriut and the El Fatah guerrillas.

Gen. Dayan told the visiting group that the terrorists have no hope of defeating the Israeli Army. Their only victory would come he said when Israeli women and children are no longer able to visit Gaza or Hebron in safety just as Arabs from the occupied territories now visit Tel Aviv. He said Israeli forces were capable of holding and securing Hebron and Gaza.