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Ambassador Tekoah Refutes Syrian Charges That Israel Mistreats Arab Prisoners

Ambassador Yosef Tekoah, Israel’s permanent representative to the UN, challenged yesterday the Syrian representative to the UN, Mr. George Tomeh, to produce evidence of his charge on Feb. 5 that Israel was mistreating Arab prisoners. In a letter to UN Secretary General U Thant, Mr. Tekoah stated that Mr. Tomeh’s latest charge, like his one on Jan. 23, “does not produce a single shred of evidence” to confirm his contention. Mr. Tekoah stated that these charges were a smoke screen to draw attention away from “the farcical situation created by membership on the Security Council by a government which persists in its policy of violating Charter provisions, the cease-fire and the Security Council’s resolution calling for an agreement on a just and lasting peace with Israel.”