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Dr. Jarring Will Not Resume Mideast Mission Until There is a Sufficient Basis

Ambassador Gunnar V. Jarring, the United Nations special representative to the Middle East, will not resume his peace mission, at least not in the immediate future. This announcement was made here today by UN Secretary General U Thant before departing from the Geneva Airport to Burma. “I had a comprehensive and useful discussion with Ambassador Jarring last evening and again today on the situation in the Middle East in the context of the Security Council resolution of Nov. 22, 1967,” said Mr. Thant. “We have come to the conclusion that, for the moment, there is no sufficient basis for Ambassador Jarring to reactivate his mission. We will continue to maintain our contacts and communications as in the past and as soon as there is a sufficient basis for the resumption of his mission, Ambassador Jarring will undertake it.”

Asked whether he regarded his earlier statement that the Middle East was heating up dangerously as consistent with the apparent lack of any action, Mr. Thant replied “the actual situation in the Middle East is a primary concern of the Security Council and, for that matter, the primary concern of the permanent members of the Security Council. It is not directly related to Ambassador Jarring’s function which essentially can be summarized in a few words, that is to promote agreement. The actual military situation is the primary concern of the Security Council, not Ambassador Jarring.” He declined to reveal whether be specifically asked Dr. Jarring to resume his mission.