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Tunisia’s Foreign Minister Denounces Terrorist Attacks on Civilian Airlines

The Foreign Minister of Tunisia today strongly denounced terrorist attacks on civilian aircraft which, he said, did not serve the Arab cause. Habib Bourguiba Jr., who is visiting West Germany, also indicated a relatively moderate attitude toward Israel. Replying to questions at a press conference, he predicted that Israel one day will have to negotiate with El Fatah, the Palestinian guerrilla group. “From our own experience, we were once called agitators, bandits and terrorists and we are now partners in negotiations,” the Tunisian diplomat said with reference to his own country’s struggle for independence from France. “El Fatah could one day be acceptable as a partner,” he added.

Asked if he favored the dissolution of the State of Israel, Mr. Bourguiba said Israel had to find a formula for coexistence and dialogue with the Arabs. Questioned about France’s sale of Mirage jets to Libya, he replied that it was a matter between those two countries alone and hoped it would be applied to peaceful aims.