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Sen. Scott Urges U.S. Support of Israel; Favors Direct Talks Between Jews and Arabs

Sen. Hugh Scott, Republican of Pennsylvania, urged complete support of Israel to prevent full-scale war in the Middle East and declared that “America’s best interest lies in strengthening Israel and not weakening her.” Sen. Scott called for personal discussions between Arab and Jewish leaders. “Until the Arabs are willing to meet and so long as they insist on a state of war and encourage their terrorists to attack, there should be no more pressure on Israel to yield a single inch of territory and expose her people to further aggression,” he stated. “There should be no more pressure on Israel to accept Arab threats, boycotts, blockades, and terrorism as something normal and reasonable.” The Senate minority leader expressed his viewpoint in an introduction to a book, “Crisis and Conscience in the Middle East” by Dr. Christian E. Hauer, to be published on May 1 by Quadrangle Books.