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Report on Israeli Occupation of Arab Territories Shows Jews and Arabs Can Coexist

The Military government summed up three years of Israeli occupation of Arab territories today and concluded that Jews and Arabs can coexist and work in harmony together. The report was issued on the third anniversary of the June, 1967 war in which Israeli forces occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank of the Jordan, the Golan Heights, Gaza Strip and the entire Sinai peninsula. According to the Military government’s report, 30,000 Arabs from the occupied territories are now working at jobs in Israel proper. Some 26,000 Arabs from neighboring countries vacationed with friends and relatives on the West Bank last summer compared to 16,000 the year before. Summing up the military aspects of the occupation, the report disclosed that 378 Israelis were killed or wounded in the occupied territories since the end of the 1967 war. The dead number 43. During the same period, Israel suffered 2200 front line casualties including 528 dead.