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Mrs. Meir Warns Against Illusion That Jewish Nation in Diaspora More Secure Than Israel

“We are fighting our enemies not only because we have no other choice and not only to preserve the State of Israel. Our struggle is for the sake of the whole Jewish nation. We are convinced that our victory would ensure the continuation of the Jewish nation’s existence throughout the world…” Premier Golda Meir said last night addressing some 400 delegates of the American Friends of Histadrut. The gathering marked the 50th anniversary of Histadrut. The American Histadrut Friends, headed by Leon Keyserling, an economic adviser to former President Harry S. Truman, heard Mrs. Meir warn the delegates against illusions that the Jewish nation in diaspora is more secure than Israel. “Even today, in midst of the struggle, it’s the safest place for any Jew to live in Israel” she said, adding that this is now new war, nor was the 1956 and 1967 separated wars, but it’s “a single pattern of war stretching from 1948 to this very day.” Mrs. Meir said Israelis want peace.