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Archbishop Urges Israel, Arab States to Jointly Invite Jarring to Resume Mission

Dr. George Appleton, the Anglican Archbishop of Jerusalem, called on Israel and the Arab states today jointly to invite United Nations special envoy Gunnar V. Jarring back to the Middle East to resume his peace-seeking mission. In a sermon preached here, Dr. Appleton said it was important for the two sides not merely to say there were willing to receive Dr. Jarring, but to invite him back would be a pledge of cooperation. Dr. Appleton said that as a second step Israel might undertake to gradually withdraw from the Arab territories occupied in the June, 1967 war and Arabs in return might guarantee border security and agree to demilitarized zones. He also said that given Arab and Israeli consent, the UN should set up working parties to held with boundary adjustments and the deployment of supervisory forces. He said an independent body should go to the Middle East to plan a solution of the refugee problem.