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Former High Ranking Ss Officer Now Working in East Germany’s Council of Ministers

A former Soviet spy, who was a high ranking SS officer until the end of World War It, is now working in the Council of Ministers of the East German government, informed sources said today. Heinz Felfe, who started his SS career under the personal protection of SS Reich-leader Heinrich Himmler, was cleared in a de-Nazification investigation by the British at the end of the war. Until his arrest as a Soviet spy, Felfe had infiltrated the West German government’s counterespionage organization. Felfe’s role as a Soviet spy was revealed in 1961 by KGB Major Anatol Golzyn after Golzyn defected to the West and was interrogated by the CIA. In 1963, Felfe was convicted of espionage and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. He was later exchanged for a Western spy and returned to the Soviet Union. Felfe began his SS career at the age of 25 under the personal protection of Heinrich Himmler and quickly rose to the position of SS major in the notorious Security Head Bureau where Adolf Elchmann devised and carried out his plans for the extermination of Europe’s Jews.