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Suez Canal Front Quiet; Guerrillas Intensify Attacks on the Jordan, Lebanon Borders

The Suez Canal front remained quiet as the Israeli-Egyptian cease-fire went into its third day. But guerrilla attacks intensified on the Jordanian and Lebanese borders. Mortar and bazooka fire from Lebanese territory slightly injured a settler at Margalioth in Upper Galilee last night. Mortar shells damaged buildings at Kfar Ruppin in the Beisan Valley last night but caused no casualties. Four Arab guerrillas were killed yesterday in a clash with an Israeli patrol in the southern section of the Jordan Valley. Two Israeli soldiers sustained slight wounds. The body of a Syrian soldier was found near an Israeli outpost at Boukaata in the Golan Heights today. He was killed apparently during an exchange of fire two days ago. The government disclosed today that the Suez Canal front claimed more Israeli casualties than all other fronts combined since the June. 1967 Six-Day War. From June 12, 1967 until Aug. 8, 1970, when the cease-fire began. Israel suffered 373 dead and 1121 wounded in the Suez Canal zone. Total Israeli casualties since the Six-Day War were 642 killed and 2333 wounded.