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Rabbi Miller Urges Nixon to Take Necessary Steps to Remove Missiles

Rabbi Israel Miller, president of the American Zionist Federation, sent today a telegram to Pres. Nixon at the summer White House in San Clemente. California, calling upon him to “honor your solemn pledge that the cease-fire and military standstill arranged by the United States between Israel and Egypt will be scrupulously observed.” In the face of continued Egyptian violations of the cease-fire, Rabbi Miller continued, “I urgently appeal to you to take whatever action is necessary to remove the missiles which now seriously threaten the security of Israel.” Unless the United States takes such immediate steps, he wrote, there is growing likelihood that both American and world public opinion will begin to look upon the cease-fire for “the farce which it is rapidly becoming.” and that its continued violation will only serve as a prelude for the renswal of major warfare with most serious results for both Israel and America.