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Petition Drive Launched to Get 1 Million Signatures to Combat Hijacking

City Council President Sanford D. Garelik will kick off a drive tomorrow morning on the steps of City Hall to gather 1 million signatures on a petition asking the United Nations to ban all air traffic to countries which give sanctuary to air hijackers. The Council President will be the first to sign a petition sponsored by the Free Sons of Israel seeking sanctions against offending nations. “There have been at least 80 acts of air piracy in recent years affecting some 10,000 passengers capped by last month’s Middle East near-tragedy.” Mr. Garelik said. “If something is not done now to punish those responsible for the outrages and the nations that harbor them, the near-tragedies will become actual massacres.” Thomas J. Cuite, Council Majority Leader; Kenneth Haber, Queens Councilman-At-Large who recently sponsored an anti-hijacking resolution passed by the Council; and other Councilmen will sign the petition after Mr. Garelik. Following the City Hall ceremony, other petitions addressed to the UN and President Nixon will be circulated throughout the city and suburbs. The overall campaign is sponsored by the People’s Coalition to End Air Piracy, a group composed of many non-sectarian civic groups.