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Rabbi Says No Signs of Anti-semitism in Chile; Israeli-arab Peace Allende’s Aim

While Chilean Jews have been assured of the friendship and goodwill of the new leftist regime in that country; the social revolution there has caught them in a severe economic squeeze because most Jews belong to the middle class, a Chilean rabbi said here today. Rabbi Egon I. Lunstein; of Congregation Bnei Israel in Santiago, described his country to newsmen as “a paradise on earth for Jews” as far as their religious and cultural freedom is concerned. He said that contrary to earlier fears, there are no signs of anti-Semitism in the regime of President Allende, an avowed Marxist who won election with Communist and non-Communist support. While one of the President’s first acts in office was the recognition of Cuba, Chile has shown no indication of joining the anti-Israel bloc of Communist and Socialist countries. Rabbi Lunstein said. He said that President Allende has many Jewish friends and has repeatedly stated that Jews have nothing to fear. He has also promised to work for peace between Israel and her neighbors, the rabbi reported.