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Israeli Soldier Wounded; Arab on ‘wanted List’ Captured; Curfew Violator Wounded

An Israeli soldier was injured this morning, east of Mevo Hama in the southern part of the Golan Heights, when the vehicle in which he was riding activated some explosives concealed at the side of the road by terrorists who infiltrated from Jordanian territory. An Arab terrorist, on the Israeli Security Force’s “Wanted List” for some time, was captured and wounded today by an Israel army patrol in Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip. The patrol fired several warning shots in the air when a suspicious looking man they had asked to halt for interrogation disobeyed their command and began to run. After he continued to disregard the warning shots, the patrol opened fire and wounded him. He had two hand grenades in his possession. In a related incident, a resident of Elburj in the Gaza Strip, who violated the curfew, was shot and wounded yesterday by an Israel army patrol. A military spokesman announced today that the incident occurred when the patrol ordered the curfew violator to halt. When he failed to do so after several warning shots were fired into the air, the patrol opened fire and wounded him.