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Israel Manufacturers Oppose Commercial Advertising on Television

The Israel Manufacturers Association went on record today against the introduction of commercial advertising on Israel’s nationally owned television broadcasting service. The Association’s president, Mark Moshevitz, said in a letter to Finance Minister Pinhas Sapir that his group favored tv commercials in principle but thought they would be harmful at this time because they would run counter to the Government’s policy of holding down private consumption. Moshevitz observed in his letter that tv advertising was costlier than other forms. He hinted that Israeli manufacturers who had to produce their own commercials would be at a disadvantage compared to importers who could use commercials produced by their principals abroad. Daniel Recanati, director of the Israel Discount Bank, one of Israel’s largest private banks, has also counselled the Government to delay the introduction of commercial tv because of the effect it would have on private spending at a time when inflation is a serious problem. Opposition to commercial tv is shared by the Israel Newspaper Publishers Association which fears the media would divert advertising revenue from Israel’s already financially ailing daily newspapers.