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500 Jews Wreck Headquarters of Australian Neo-nazi Party

Some 500 persons–many of them bearing concentration-camp numbers on their forearms and some wearing striped garments similar to those worn by camp inmates–wrecked the headquarters here of Australia’s neo-Nazi organization on Sunday. Two thousand demonstrators had massed to protest to the police over a parade and meeting scheduled by the neo-Nazis in a nearby park. But although the police persuaded the neo-Nazis to postpone their program, 500 of the demonstrators refused to disperse. Instead, they stormed the neo-Nazi headquarters, smashed windows, tore down Nazi emblems and flags and left the place a wreck. Six shots were fired from the building by neo-Nazis. The police moved into the building and confiscated the guns, but made no arrests. Two women among the 16 neo-Nazis in the building were rescued from the demonstrators by policemen who took them out by a back door. Four demonstrators were arrested and charged with unruly behavior. Some reports said the Australian branch of the Jewish Defense League was involved.