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Scheel Ends Israel Visit; Called Limited Political Success for Israelis

The first visit to Israel by an incumbent West German Foreign Minister ended yesterday when Walter Scheel took off for Boon after a four-day stay which included two days of political talks with Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban, meetings with Premier Golda Meir and other officials and a courtesy call paid to former Premier David Ben Gurion. The visit was a friendly one and there were no serious incidents to embarrass the German statesman or his hosts. But informed circles analyzing the political result today decided that from Israel’s point of view it was a “very limited success.” The Israelis apparently felled to bring Herr School around to their point of view on two crucial matters–Soviet penetration of the Middle East which according to Israel is a flanking maneuver aimed ultimately at Western Europe, and the Middle East policies of the European Common Market of which Boon is a member.

(Scheel said in a brief statement on his arrival in Bonn last night that there was now greater understanding between Israel and West Germany. He said he had invited Ebac to Bonn to continue their discussions.) Political circles here noted that School said at a farewell press conference Friday that “the desired clarifying effect of our talks has been achieved.” However, true that may be the circles said, the positions of Germany and Israel on global political subjects have not been brought closer. Israel accepts Bonn’s assurances that Chancellor Brandt’s “Ostpolitik”—rapprochement with the Soviet Union–will not be allowed to adversely effect its relations with Israel. But Israel disputes the.