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World Jewish Population 13,950,875 in 1970

The Jewish population of the world at the end of 1970 was an estimated 13,950,875, an increase of 75,225 over the preceding year, according to the 1971 “American Jewish Year Book,” published by the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Publication Society of America. The Jewish population listed for the United States at the end of last year, 5,870,000, was repeated from the previous year’s figures pending completion of a statistical study.

The Jewish population of Israel, exclusive of the occupied Arab territories, rose from 2,497,000 to 2,560,000. Following are the fluctuations in selected countries: The Soviet Union, level at 2,620,000; France, up 15,000 to 550,000; Poland, down 6,000 to 9,000; Egypt, steady at 1,000; Syria, level at 4,000; Iraq, level at 2,500. European Jewry increased from 4,030,950 to 4,046,150, but its percentage of the population remained at 5.5.