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Danish Firm Admits Exporting Radar Units to Israel in Violation of Denmark’s Government Restrictions

The manage of Terma, a Danish electronics firm, admitted today that his company is exporting radar unite to Israel in violation of government restrictions. He said the orders for the units came from the Israel Embassy in London. The admission was made after the left-wing newspaper, Novy Politic, accused Terma of smuggling strategic equipment to Israel despite a government ban.

The paper said the equipment was shipped to London and trans-shipped to vessels of Israel’s Zim Lines. According to Novy Politic, the shipments were consigned to “a certain Mr. Godin in Tel Aviv” whose address is POB 7022, Tel Aviv. The Terma plant is located in the industrial town of Arms and supplies NATO members with electronic components used in the construction of radar equipment.

Circles here could not say how Novy Politic got wind of the shipments to Israel. Some sources said the paper could have been informed by Communist sources. Last week the Danish government accused Anatoly Lubanov, First Secretary of the Soviet Embassy, of industrial spying. Terma was one of three Danish firms mentioned in that connection.