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Jordan’s Former Foreign Minister Defends Hussein’s Plan but Asserts Jerusalem Cannot Be Divided Agai

A former Foreign Minister of Jordan addressed Israelis at the Haifa Technion last night and defended King Hussein’s proposal to create a federated kingdom linking the east and west banks of the Jordan. According to Anwar Nouseibeh, former ambassador to London and former Cabinet minister who now resides in East Jerusalem, Hussein’s plan is conditioned on a prior settlement between Israel and the Arabs.

He said the violent attacks on the plan from other Arab countries were exaggerated and unjust. He would not predict when or how an Israeli-Arab settlement would come about. “The two Semitic nations, Jews and Arabs, have been thrown into a conflict for the solution of which is needed the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon.” Nouseibeh told the capacity audience. He said he did not find it pleasant living under Israeli occupation, as liberal and enlightened as it may be. But he conceded that Jerusalem cannot be divided again. He said he favored some sort of dual administration for the unified city.