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Sadat Vows to Liberate Territories Within Year, Humiliate Jewish People

President Anwar Sadat of Egypt vowed last night that he would liberate the occupied Arab territories within one year and declared that the Jews would revert to the status he said was ascribed to them in the Koran–that of a hunted and humiliated people. Addressing a religious ceremony at Cairo’s Al Hussein Mosque marking the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed, Sadat leveled a blast against Israel and Jews generally.

His remarks reflected a fanatical interpretation of the Holy Book of Islam. Sadat, who is going to Moscow tomorrow, will be seeking among other things more sophisticated Soviet weapons.

Israeli observers noted that Sadat’s threats applied not only to Israel but to all Jews. They recalled that the present leader of Egypt has always been close to the fanatic Moslem Brotherhood, an organization of religious extremists that opposed both the late King Farouk and the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser and was outlawed by the latter.

Other observers viewed Sadat’s threats as an indication that he intends to caution Soviet leaders not to accept any compromise when they meet with President Nixon that would not be acceptable to the Arab governments.