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Military Courts Active 11 Arabs Get Life Sentences for Murders, Terrorist Acts

Two Arab terrorists from the Gaza Strip, convicted of murdering 13 Arabs they suspected of collaboration with Israel, were sentenced to life imprisonment by a Gaza military tribunal today. One of the accused, a 16-year-old boy, had already earned the nickname “Hitler” for his terrorist activities.

The sentences brought to 11 the number of terrorists given life terms by military tribunals since June 12. On the latter date, a tribunal in Lydda pronounced life sentences on Mahmoud Shamut, 26, and his wife, Zakiya, 27, for planting explosives in public places. In one instance, explosives concealed by Shamut in watermelons were discovered only minutes before they would have exploded in a crowd emerging from a circus. A bomb planted by his wife in the Afuleh market place 18 months ago killed one man and injured 26 persons. Last Wednesday, military courts sentenced 7 terrorists to life for planting a grenade in a Tel Aviv-bound bus and for murdering four Arabs.