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Sadat Willing to Talk to Meir if ‘big Four’ Have ‘final Say’

President Anwar Sadat of Egypt has indicated he is ready to meet with Israeli Premier Golda Meir, presumably for peace talks, but only on condition that representatives of the four major powers “be present at the meeting and have the final say,” It was disclosed here today. He made that statement to a five-member French Parliamentary group which visited him last week in Cairo, according to one of its members, a Jewish deputy named Claude Gerard Marcus.

Marcus told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that Sadat said he was “all for peace” but that he was “not prepared to give up a single inch of Egyptian territory.” He also told the group he had been the first Arab chief of state to “recognize” Israel and that “I have not changed my position since then,” He apparently did not explain the nature of the recognition. The French deputies also visited Syria and Lebanon as guests of the Arab League. Marcus also told the JTA that he had been unable to meet with Syrian Jews.