Gaza Mayor Reports to Dayan on Talks with Jordanians
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Gaza Mayor Reports to Dayan on Talks with Jordanians

Mayor Rashid el-Shawa of Gaza, who returned Sunday from a mission to Amman told Defense Minister Moshe Dayan yesterday of the steps Jordan has agreed on with him to bring its treatment of visitors from Gaza into line with its treatment of West Bankers.

Shawa, who led a delegation of 40 notables to Amman and conferred with King Hussein, reported that he had been granted 3000 passports for Gaza Strip students who want to study at Jordanian universities. The Mayor said he had also obtained permission for Gaza citizens to cross into Jordan without special entry visas from the Jordanian government, although each must have a letter of recommendation from the Gaza municipality.

As a goodwill gesture, Shawa said, Hussein released 14 women arrested during the Jordanian civil war of Sept., 1970 and promised to pardon 18 men sentenced to death for their part in the aborted terrorist uprising against the government. Under another arrangement, Shawa said, Gaza citrus dealers will be allowed to deliver their produce in their own trucks–up to 40–instead of having to transfer the goods to West Bank trucks.

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